How To Choose Window Locks?

Burglars and intruders mostly enter the home through windows in the home. Yes, the intruder can enter the home by smashing the window glass but such tactics are not chosen. Burglars find different ways in order to enter the house.  You must hire locksmith lane cove in case you are looking for such services in this particular area.

The simplest entryways for burglars are old windows framed in aluminum. These windows can be easily lifted right out of the channel in order to get an entry into the house. In order to be on the safer side, you should drill a couple of holes in the window side of the frame. The holes on the window part reduce the possibility of the window been lifted.


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There are some people who still use old locks on the windows. You must replace these window locks as such locks can be opened with a screwdriver. That’s why you should purchase the latest locks from the nearby hardware store.

There are three things that you should consider while purchasing window lock. The first thing is the effectiveness of the lock. The second thing that should be considered is the lock should resemble the fit with the window style and decoration style of the room. The last point is that the lock that you buy should not be much expensive.

Make sure that the lock you buy should fit your budget.


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Sometimes locks on old windows don’t work effectively. If you want home security then you should then make sure that your window is recently installed and have latest have latest locking systems installed.

These days’ different kinds of locks are available for varying window style. Sometimes matching lock with interior décor becomes a challenging task so you can visit any online retailers.

Check how many windows in your home need new locks and spend money accordingly.


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